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Sci-Fi Ghetto
we're bringing science back
This is no longer a placeholder post. 
26th-Feb-2010 05:03 pm
[geek] Cross Product
FAQ! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will add them up here.

  1. Why "sci-fi ghetto"?
    • One, because TVTropes owns my soul. (Warning: clicking the link may cause rapid loss of free time.) Two, because it's a fairly common phrase that I've heard a couple different places to describe the relative lack of esteem that many writers hold sci-fi in. I happen to think that science fiction is a wonderfully rich genre that holds many potentially thought-provoking topics that are often left on the wayside in fanfiction in favor of porn character development, and, well, I don't see why we can't do both. Also, I'm a dork. Also also, no offense is intended by the name; it's a phrase I've heard from a couple different sources, and while I'm obviously using it, I didn't invent it.

  2. Okay, so...what do I do?
    • Prompt. At least until March 10th, you can come over to the prompt page and comment with as many or as few prompts as you like. They can be pictures, videos, or words; character-specific or general; gen, het, or slash; math, science, computer science, or anything dorky enough. I'm erring on the side of inclusion, so if you really want to see a detailed fic where Uhura single-handedly creates a Rosetta Stone for an alien language that the Universal Translator doesn't work for, that is absolutely fair game. Scifi isn't just science; it's also culture.

  3. So if I'm a poli-sci or linguistics dork, I can prompt that too?
    • Why not?

  4. What if I want to see actual sexin'?
    • Then make it scifi-ish. Weird alien sex? Okay. Character X gets turned on when Character Y talks nerdy to them? Sure. Characters P and Q have decidedly unsciencey sex in Stellar Cartography? Only if it's peppered with stellar evolution metaphors. (Is that an OB giant in your pocket or are you happy to see me? Supernova puns welcome.)

  5. Why can't I prompt after March 10th?
    • Because people (and I'm including myself in this statement) don't seem to get things done unless there's a deadline.

  6. Will there be another round?
    • Sure, if there's enough interest.

  7. What if I have a fic that's already gratuitous science porn? Can I just post it here to the comm?
    • I'm going to say 'Not while the challenge is running,' but after that, sure!

  8. I have a fic that is already perfect for something someone prompted. Can I go ahead and post that even though it isn't new?
    • Yep!

  9. I really, really want to prompt for a fandom that isn't Star Trek Reboot. Can I do that here?
    • I'm going to go ahead and say yes. While I'm primarily promoting this in Reboot comms, if you have a burning desire to see a fic address how the effects of a black hole can be transmitted through the Stargate even though a wormhole is by definition a black hole, then...you're my new best friend. Oh, and yeah, you can prompt it here.
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