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Sci-Fi Ghetto
we're bringing science back
Prompting Extended 
10th-Mar-2010 05:18 pm
[geek] Cross Product
I made a silly and forgot to post the 24-hour warning yesterday, so instead I'm extending prompt-taking for 24 hours! Prompt-taking will close whenever I get around to it tomorrow.

- Your Forgetful Friendly Neighborhood Mod

PS: If you'd like to pimp the last 24 hours of prompting, feel free to take the following code:

What it will display is under the cut:

We're bringing science back.

Bring your geekiest Trek fanfic prompts to the SciFi Ghetto - accepting prompts for twenty-four more hours! Prompt post is here; FAQ is here; userinfo here.

Feel free to modify as you wish!
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