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Sci-Fi Ghetto
we're bringing science back
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18th-Mar-2010 12:34 am(no subject)
[geek] boom de ya da
Oh look, I am made of fail! In my defense, I was doing Science all weekend. Huzzah for x-ray spectroscopy!

The prompt list:Collapse )

And the way this is going to work:

Comment with the prompt you want to claim, and you will have claimed it! You will then have until April 15th to officially Have Written the fic, at which point we may well go another round with fic-less prompts automatically transferring over to the next list. Or I may be drowning in schoolwork. That is also a distinct possibility.

I'll be posting information for posting fics in the next few days, possibly up to a week from now since RL is crazy as doubly-special relativity.

Have fun! ♥!
10th-Mar-2010 05:18 pm - Prompting Extended
[geek] Cross Product
I made a silly and forgot to post the 24-hour warning yesterday, so instead I'm extending prompt-taking for 24 hours! Prompt-taking will close whenever I get around to it tomorrow.

- Your Forgetful Friendly Neighborhood Mod

PS: If you'd like to pimp the last 24 hours of prompting, feel free to take the following code:

What it will display is under the cut:

Cut!Collapse )

Feel free to modify as you wish!
26th-Feb-2010 10:18 pm - Prompt post!
[geek] boom de ya da
So here's how it works:

Comment with a prompt. It can be science, it can be math, it can be an obscure bit of computer coding, it doesn't matter so long as it is dorky as hell. We are discussing characters who are not all human, who live on a spaceship, and who do science for a living; let's make the fic reflect that. If you just really want to see a fic about a Starfleet astronomer writing a grant for some telescope time on the Enterprise, read about the struggles of the botanists trying to get their Aldeberanian tomatoes to grow, watch Bones play House and try to treat the surprising and alien venereal disease that Jim's somehow managed to contract this time, then this is the challenge for you.

Pictures, links to Wikipedia articles, explanations are all welcome. Be as specific (or not) as you want, and prompt as much as you want. Prompts will be open until March 10th, at which point writing and/or posting begins - more details on that later.

The prompt list:Collapse )
26th-Feb-2010 05:03 pm - This is no longer a placeholder post.
[geek] Cross Product
FAQ! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will add them up here.

Things that make you go 'bzuh?'Collapse )
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